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Our drums lessons teach you how to become a fully expressive drums player who is as comfortable creating music as you are reading music. Get instant online access and learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home or wherever you have internet access. No special equipment is needed. You can view our lessons as much as you wish on any phone, tablet or computer.

Level 1Perfect For Beginners

Designed for the absolute beginner to the drums, featuring six original pieces that are fun to play and practice. You'll learn how to read music, improvise and create your own music. Each unit improves your drums skills with graded quizzes.
See what you'll learn in Level 1.

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Level 2Building A Foundation

Continuing where Level 1 left off, you will continue working through rhythm, technique, music reading, songs and improvisation. If you have some drums training under your belt, Level 2 is a great place to improve your skills.
See what you'll learn in Level 2.

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Level 3Unlocking The Drummer Within

You'll learn how to create rich drums arrangements using the techniques in Level 3. By incorporating original pieces in a variety of musical styles, Level 3 helps you become a well-rounded drummer, ready for the next challenge.
See what you'll learn in Level 3.

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CompleteSet Of Levels

Using our 6-step cycle, including a tight integration between reading music and creating music, the HomeSchoolDrums system transforms the beginner into a full-fledged drummer who is at much at ease reading music or composing their own.

Instant Online Access - $299